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AWS re/Start

AWS re/Start program

Launch a career in technology with AWS re/Start




AWS re/Start is a free, full-time skill development program to jump start your career by working in cloud computing.  The AWS re/Start Program has been implemented in over 40 countries by a global network of collaborating organizations.
AWS re/Start and Yönetim Academy are working together to provide training to candidates for free.

The target audience focuses on individuals who have not been employed yet or who are overqualified for their current position. 

The purpose of this program is to develop cloud skills through real-world scenario-based exercises, labs and courses. They achieve relevant skills needed for an entry-level cloud practitioner. Additionally, they focus on professional skills including adaptive communication, time-management, creating a CV, and handling interviews.

You will gain cloud skills and prepare for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification with free access to the app and full exam. After graduation, Yönetim Academy will introduce you to many employers and help you on your journey to a new work life.

You will need: an up-to-date computer with internet connection.

Graduate Profile;



12 weeks, 5 days a week, from 09:00 to 16:30, we are calling all our female engineers with good English skills. 

You can use the form to apply and ask questions. We are excited to contact you. 






re/Start Programı - 12 Haftalık program 03.07.2023 tarihinde başlayıp 23.09.2023 tarihinde bitecektir.Haftada 5 gün Saat 9:00-16:30 arası zoom üzerinden gerçekleşecektir. Online Record


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